When the atmosphere is friendly and fun in the bus, we already understand that event is successful. So it was with MacPaw. In honor of the special occasion, the eighth day of its birth, we prepared a special task - to make their own movies of different genres: from mute erotica to Indian film.

There were professional cameras, steadicams and sound, bright costumes and a number of master classes. And each team consisted of director and actors, cameramen and assistants to «Flapper», PR-managers, the costume designer, the producers - in other words, the whole film crew!
As a result, 80 people with burning eyes created 6 (!) movie masterpieces, which were filmed in just 4 (!!!) hours. This form of team-building allows not only to raise team spirit, but also to create unique content that displays the company's corporate style. Grand premiere and awards ceremony after SMS voting held in the evening.

To say that it was hot is an understatement - it was delicious!