Where does the theater begin? No, not at the cloakroom. For the employees of Amway all began at 9 am, when they came to Kiev and immediately got into Art Centre named after Les Kurbas. There they found out that in the evening they will step on the stage of the theater to present to the audience 5 (!) scenes.

The first stage of preparation "mensal period" was held in the atmosphere of creativity. All teams headed by stage directors drew parallels between the classic theatrical genre and common situations in of office life of Amway.

During the second phase, called the "footwork", our actors for the first time in their lives came on the scene for rehearsal. A few more moments and the audience took their places in the hall, they came to support the colleagues. That is how Amway’s premiere held: newly minted actors were satisfied, the audience applauded, Stanislavsky was shocked. Bravo!