Victor Zhuk

     How to combine the conservatory diploma, project budgeting, trainings in hard negotiations, aircraft piloting and Tai Chi in one person - very simply, if it is Viktor Zhuk!
     The same as the creature, whose surname Viktor proudly carries, except for legs, there are also wings! Therefore, tenders and negotiations are good, but when it comes time for events the keyboard is replaced by a mixing console, D.J. headphones are on his ear instead of a mobile phone and he holds a glass of Valpolicella instead of a pen.
     Lord of the dance floors, causing even the most serious and unsmiling CEOs to get dancing, an opponent of amateur vocal and author of the phrase “karaoke makes joy only for people singing there”.
     He knows the secret of how to gather all the creative guys in an office and how to hear the main of a continuous flow of thoughts and convert it into a rich and emotional holiday.

Victor Zhuk / Owner, Director / +38 (067) 693-98-26