Vladimir Kulchytsky

     Vladimir «Masik» Kulchytsky.
     He is married, has a Nordic nature and is the most full-range “Master Class member”. After all, the incompatible things are fitted together in this personality – he is a lawyer and dancer, member of the club of the cheerful and sharp-witted, music video star, MC and art director, presenter and head of the creative department.
     He just does wonders during the events. He can speak with any accent (from Lukashenko to a man speaking English badly), can work in a jacket, tie and shorts; at the request of a customer he can glue a beard and a bald head and even come up with a new concept using just a loaf.
     He adores his wife, likes to dance with the daughter and play football with the son. He saw the real Maslyakov.

Vladimir KulchytskyOwner, Creative Solutions Personnel
+38 (067) 744-95-40